Saturday, 4 October 2008

Lazy Days

We haven't really been doing much for the last few days. Just relaxing, sunbathing, reading, ipoding & mostly drinking with our fellow backpackers.
The Jolly Frog Guest house is really worth a stay. Its 200 Baht (3.50) a night for a double room in beautiful surroundings. The food is tip-top with huge menu with excellent Thai dishes at 50p! We've met some great people who, like us, are enjoying the easy lifestyle that comes with staying here.
The rainy season is still in full swing & although its very hot we have been getting the odd torrential downpour. This has made picking the right day for for a 60km scooter ride to Erwan Falls difficult. Check that place out online it looks fantastic. I think we will go tomorrow whatever the weather & I'm sure we will get some cracking good photos too.


Karen said...

Sounds like just what the doctor ordered!

Jo said...

Falls look great - have you got there yet?