Sunday, 12 October 2008

Erawan Falls

We have had an incredible week in Thailand! I only have time to tell you about last Sunday's trip to the Erawan Falls right now.

We hired scooters with an Aussie guy & an English girl we'd been drinking with the previous two nights. It was a hot, sunny day & perfect for the 60km drive into the mountains. Driving bikes in this environment is alot of fun. The place is just beautiful. Jungle covered mountains & lakes keep a smile on your face for the last 30km of the trip

On arrival foreigners pay 200 baht for entry while Thai's pay 20 Baht! Its worth every penny & more.
The Erawan Falls is an epic array waterfalls & swimming pools split into 7 tiers up the mountain.
It takes just over an hour to walk straight to the top but its too hard to resist a couple of swims on the way up. Its all so perfect to look at that it almost looks fake in places. The turquoise blue water is teaming with fish of all sizes & they do like a nibble!
We all had such a blast up there & I can safely say I've never seen natural beauty quite like it.

Back at the bottom I found my Bike had a flat tyre. This required a bit of hassle & help from some friendly Thai guys to get the bike to a garage for a fix. This chewed up the remaining daylight so we squeezed every last kph out of the bikes to get to the "Bridge over the River Kwai" before dark. There we were greeted with a jaw dropping sunset (photo) & we were only a few km from home.

Just so you know, we are now in Pai. Its a four hour bus journey into the mountains West of Chang Mai in Northern Thailand. This is a very special place which will make coming back to the real world a bit tricky. More stories from this week to come & the some more shots of the falls taken with Anthony's waterproof camera..........


Karen said...

It looks just wonderful. Looking forward to hearing more in due course.
Karen xxx

Jo said...

Wow - Kieran and I looking at these pictures with jaws dropped! What amazing experiences and memories to gather

jacques said...

Great. Go on !